Custom-Made Artwork

Artwork personalized to reflect your personality, while respecting your budget

A custom-made artwork is the reflection of the person who imagines it. I accompany the client towards an artistic creation that he dreams of seeing materialize on a canvas. This unique work will be a symbol, a memory or an immortal message in the ever-changing world in which we live.


This huge 72×36 format work was commissioned to me by a collector who wanted me to put the faces of Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot and Marylin Monroe with their lovers, legitimate or not. I had an immense pleasure to research the three women and to know their love stories, sorrows and passions. In her new home, this work is surrounded by a painting by CORNO and Andy Warhol. It is a great honour for me.


This work was created in memory of my client’s grandfather who was a fan of COLUMBO’s shows. He would listen to them over and over again with his little girl. When she moved into her first home, she wanted the painting as a tribute to him, for his advice and the good times they spent together.


My client went on a trip to Scotland and took hundreds of photos. She fell in love at first sight with the Loch Ness monster and the metal statue built in its memory. The montage was a real defining moment because I wanted this work to be a representation of her wonder for this country. She told me that I captured everything as if I had been there.


I have done several works with various musical instruments, and a client asked me to make a work including an organ, piano and cello with the scores of Passacaglia. Several researching hours were necessary and the final result exceeded his expectations. His work now hangs above his piano.


A singer who is a big fan of Lenny Kravitz commissioned me to create a painting on which we would see a close-up of Lenny, his incredible drummer, a full moon in the mist, and symbols of Peace and Love. It was a delight for me to get to know this artist during my research of images. I am very grateful to have discovered him.


The client comes to my house in secret with a USB key and lots of pictures of her boyfriend’s boat, which he built with his own hands, piece by piece. Her memorable destination is CAPE COD and it’s from this photo and some montages that I created this work. As a surprise gift that will surely bring tears to his eyes.

How it works

Step 1

The client contacts me to discuss their project by email, phone or in person during a private visit.

Step 2

Following the discussion, the client approves the budget corresponding to the size of the canvas and gives his first 50% deposit so that I can begin the virtual creation process according to the subject and colors chosen.

Step 3

I send by email the first draft of the artwork and wait for the client’s approval to begin the creation on canvas. 3 drafts are possible at no extra charge. Once the virtual image is accepted, the creation on canvas begins.

Step 4

Once the artwork is completed, I contact the client to offer appointment dates to come and take possession of it. The canvas is given to him/her at the last payment.

Baby Feet Prints on Canvas

Custom work with foot casting is a combination of artwork to which I add the plaster cast of the baby’s feet.

How it works

Step 1

The parents make an appointment with me to mold the baby’s feet. During this meeting, we discuss the budget, the background image or theme on the canvas and the colors chosen. I ask for a 50% deposit to start the creation.

Step 2

Parents send me pictures or suggestions for the background image by email. Once the choice is confirmed I begin the creation on canvas.

Step 3

Once the work is finished, I contact the parents to schedule a private visit to take possession of the painting.