Available Artwork

Poignant and Inspiring Artwork

My creative process is instinctive. I let my imagination take all the room. When I start a new artwork, I never know what it will look like at the very end. It is a complicity between me and the canvas that invites me to play with textures and colors as it is created.

Available Artwork

NB: Many of my works sell very quickly.

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La Vrai Vie 09-2023 49x26
Flamant Rose 08-2023 24X36
Les penseurs 06-2023 36X36
Rouge à lèvres 03-2023 38X38
EXISTER 05-2023 45X42
Le Lion D'or 01-2023 54X36
BATMAN 04-2023 45X30
AURA 02-2023 27X36

Canvas Information

Canvas gallery – all my paintings are done on a strong wooden frame is 1.5 inches wide that does not require framing.

All my works are finished with several coats of high gloss acrylic varnish and are protected against sun and dust as a result.

Each of my painting comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by my hand and a copy of my book: CE QUI NE TUE PAS REND PLUS FORT.


What payment methods are accepted?

Interac Transfer, credit card, cash

How long does it take to complete a custom painting?

Between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on the speed at which the client sends me his ideas or photos, and the approval following the drafts (maximum 3).

Is it possible to have the paintings shipped outside of Canada?

YES, with the method of unhooking the frame and rolling the canvas in a special tube. The price of the shipment depends on the destination and the format of the artwork.

Since my gallery is my home, is it possible to come on weekdays or weekends?

YES, I offer availability from Monday to Sunday. You have a special button to book your appointment.

Do my works need to be framed?

NO, I use gallery canvases, so the wood frame is 1 ½ inches thick. They can be hung directly on the wall. Framing is only an aesthetic choice.