About me


I am a native of the small French town of Agen and now a resident of the South Shore of Montreal. I discovered painting and the power and freedom that it brings me during my hospitalization in 2000. I am an outstanding and passionate painter. Since 2012, I dedicate myself body and soul to it full time.

After winning several awards and seeing my international reputation rise, I have participated in many group exhibitions in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2011, I am featured in the prestigious Art Book “International Contemporary Master”. The following year, I won the Special Jury Prize at the 29th International Gala of Visual Arts Son et Lumière CAPSQ as well as the Jury’s Coup de Coeur Prize at an international exhibition in Romania which dazzled me completely. The gold medal in abstraction was awarded to me by CAPSQ in 2014. In 2016 Art Takes Manhattan selected two of my works for their annual competition!

One of my passions is also to paint for good causes. I regularly donate my paintings for fundraising purposes. I work with about sixty different foundations.

In 2014, I wrote a book on my biggest fight, anorexia, entitled Ce qui ne tue pas rend plus fort (What Doesn’t Kill Makes You Stronger).

Many articles are written in magazines such as: SOFA DECO Magazine, CHEZ SOI Magazine, VÉRO Magazine, Hors-Série Magazine, Magazine du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, Coup de Pouce and SORTIR Vivre en Montérégie. From 2011 to 2017, I’m interviewed several times on radio and television (Radio Canada, TVRS, MATV. CTV, CIBL and Canal Vie).

Awards and Mentions

July 2017 & 2019 “Coup de cœur du public” Award Exhibition and contest of the Local Artists of the Centre d’exposition du Vieux Presbytère of St-Bruno de Montarville

February 2016 Selected Artist International Competition / Caelum Art Takes Manhattan Gallery

April 2014 Gold Medal in Abstraction CAPSQ

November 2012 Special Jury Prize 29th International Gala of Visual Arts Sound and Light CAPSQ, Canada

July 2012 Professional of the year Visual Art Strathmore’s Who’s Who, USA

July 2012 Jury’s Favourite Award ” Special Tribute from Romania

November 2011 Third Grand Prix in Abstraction CAPSQ, Canada

July 2011 Diploma of Honor International Exhibition Bruges, Belgium

April 2011 Recognition as Professional Artist AIBAQ, Canada

January 2011 Participation 4th Edition ” International Contemporary Masters Art Book “, USA

Fond Marin
Le Perroquet
Pleine lune à Venise
Temple Bouddhiste

Solo Exhibitions

 Centre d’exposition du Vieux Presbytère| Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Canada | July 2018

 Insiders – Anticafé Local|Longueuil, Canada | May 2018

 Federal Deputy’s office of M. Michel Picard| Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Canada | September 2017

 Vincent d’Indy Gallery Boucherville, Canada October 2016 – February 2012

 Bureau députée Mélanie Joly Ministre du Patrimoine canadien | Montréal, Canada | July 2016

 Institut national de santé publique du Québec½ Montréal, Canada | Avril 2016

 Galerie Carte Blanche | Montréal, Canada | Septembre 2015 – 2014

 Galerie SUITE60 | Trois-Rivières, Canada | Mai 2014

 Espace Adagio Hôtel Delta ½ Montréal, Canada | Janvier 2013

 Studio Bizz | Montréal, Canada | Novembre 2012

 Galerie Le Chien D’OrQuébec, Canada | Mai 2012

 Galerie Vincent d’Indy | Boucherville, Canada | Février 2012

 Galerie SOHO | Montréal, Canada | Novembre 2011

 Club St-James | Montréal, Canada | Septembre 2011

 Galerie Agora | New York, États-Unis | Décembre 2010

Collective Exhibitions

Les Cours Mont-Royal | Montreal, Canada | September 2020

Montreal en Art | Montreal, Canada | July 2023 – 2022 – 2019 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015

Spring Exhibition 2018 AAPARS | Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada | May 2018

ART EXPO NEW YORK | New York, USA | April 2018

MJ Laberge Gallery | Boucherville, Canada | February – April 2018

Spring 2018 Exhibition SPECIAL INVITATION by Association of Artist Longueuil | Longueuil, Canada | March 2018

ART Palm Beach | Palm Beach, USA | January 2018

RED DOT MIAMI  Exposition Internationale | Miami, USA | December 2017

Galerie Caelum Exposition Internationale | New York, USA | March 2016

Etienne de Causans Gallery SAM 2013 | Paris, France | October 2013

Kaf Art Gallery | Montreal, Canada | October 2013

Lamoureux Ritzenhoff Gallery | Montreal, Canada | May 2013

Affordable Art Fair AAF Battersea | London, UK | March 2013

Los Angeles Art Show, LA Convention Center | Los Angeles, USA | January 2013

TIAF Toronto International Art Fair | Toronto, Canada | October 2012

KIAF/12 South Korea International Art Fair | Seoul, South Korea | September 2012

National Museum of Romania Marine | Constanta, Romania | July 2012

Cultural contact III Nel Labirinto | Alatri,  Italy | June 2012

AAF Brussels | Brussels, Belgium | February 2012

London Art Fair | London, UK | January 2012

Art Hamptons | New York, USA | July 2011

Du Beffroi Art Gallery | Bruges, Belgium | July 2011 – 2013

AAF NYC | New York, USA | April 2010, October 2010 – June 2011

AAF London | London, United Kingdom | March 2011 – 2012

véroniKaH 2022

Partnership with charitable organizations

To be able to help save and protect lives with the sale of my works, touches me to the highest degree. I often repeat that Art has saved my life, so to have the privilege of helping the Foundations with the gift of my works is, in my opinion, the right return of the pendulum.

My Mission

For me Art represents my oxygen, my sun, my source of LIFE. In a society where appearance is paramount, I wanted to express the importance of accepting and loving ourselves as we are.

Being an extroverted person, my need to share my experiences and emotions is manifested in my poems and dance. Art became my greatest passion, because in addition to helping me discover an imaginary world, it allowed me to reconstruct myself at the rhythm I chose.

Anorexia, like many other mental illnesses, is the result of an omnipresent mal de vivre. In Artist mode, I become again this innocent young girl without filter, who is no longer afraid of judgment, and who has confidence in the future and its miracles.

Anorexia feeds my insecurity and lack of self-confidence, while Art, with each creation, confronts and destroys it. Beyond fear and shame, there is the discovery of self-love. Our choice of life belongs to us and I have chosen to be a happy Artist.

I wrote the book: WHAT DOESN’T KILL MAKES MORE STRONG, to tell my story from my childhood to my adult life. It is like a biography that explains my new choice of life. I am deeply grateful for this gift from heaven that was given to me at birth.

Today I pay homage to it by perfecting it in this incredible evolution that inhabits me day after day.

Livre Ce qui ne tue pas rend plus fort