Canadian artist veroniKaH is known for her stunning visions of vivid colors and bold textures brought together in wild, exciting ways. Upon each canvas, colors dazzle textures collide and compositions sparkle with fire.

The emotional elements are daring and complex, yet a harmonious undercurrent serves to unify the overall effect. Through the constantly moving poetic colors and forms that are comprised in her art, veroniKaH again and again explores new ways to reinvent the world.recognized for her audacious and dynamic work. On each painting, a dazzing fusion of colors and textures gives depth to each pieces.

Constantly exploring new visual effects, she listens to her moods and impression to embrace a wide range of colors and themes. Her work is dynamic and highly intuitive. Guided by her immediate impressions and impulses, she is always changing the size, the theme, the color and the texture of paintings.

In 2012, she won the Special Jury Prize and the Gold Medal in abstraction by CAPSQ in 2014. Many articles on her career and her works are written in Magazines such as: SOFA CDECO, DECO Magazine, CHEZ SOI Magazine, Véro Magazine, Special Issue Magazine and the Magazine of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
In additin to finding her works in numerous private and public collectors, she regularly donates to major Foundations: Jean Lapointe Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation CHU St-Justine Hospital Foundation and more than 40 others.

Born in France, she currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec Canada. A wife and mother of three sons, her artwork is being exhibited and sold throughout Canada, United States and Europe.

This self-thought artist reaches out to her public via the freedom of expression.

As life itself her art is unpredictable and will make you feel connected to the world.